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Tanja PfeifferTanja Pfeiffer

Hello and welcome

   to the pages of Tanja Pfeiffer!

You will find here some facts and information about my research and teaching activities in the working group of Prof. Dr. Martin Schnittler at Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald (and from my former assistantship with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Frey at the Freie Universität Berlin).

Study focus: Reproduction ecology

I am especially interested in reproductive strategies of plants and their respective effects on genetic (genotypic) diversity, and persistence, habitat colonisation and maintenance of populations and species.

My main focus is on taxa (bryophytes and higher plants) with strong reliance on vegetative reproduction s.l. – either as sole mode or, more commonly, realised in addition to sexual reproduction.

Using combined morpho-ecological and molecular approaches, I try to analyse the basic patterns and realised reproductive strategies, to entangle the mechanisms and to understand the effects on population diversity, persistence and evolution of species...


If you are interested in some of the topics detailed on the pages and would like to get further information, please contact me!

(last updated 5 May 2011)