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General Botany I and IIGeneral Botany I and II

Materials for both lectures, General Botany I and II

General Botany I (Allgemeine Botanik I)

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Klausur_Exercise.xls Questions and solution of the short exercise test for self control (Übungsklausur, self-evaluation) 
Klausur_2017 Here are now the results of your written test, 17. January 2017 (General Botany I and II) 
--- Here will be the results of the makeup test (Nachklausur), April 2017 (General Botany I and II) 
Schedule V_ABot2016.xls schedule for fall semester 2016/17 (General Botany I and II) 
_contents_VABotI.pdf Contents of the lecture, requirements for the different curriculae 
_literature_VABot.pdf Recommended literature 
_glossary_VABot.pdf Brief glossary of terms (German and English) 
V00_Carbohydrates.pdf Self study lesson: Structure of carbohydrates and ist polymers 
V00_DNA.pdf Self study lesson: Structure of RNA and DNA 
V00_Lipids.pdf Self study lesson: Structure of lipids and biological membranes 
V00_Proteins.pdf Self study lesson: Structure of amino acids and proteins 
V00_Water.pdf Self study lesson: Features of water as the universal solvent of life 
V01_Intro.pdf Lesson 1, introduction and information about the scripts 
V01a_PlantCell1.pdf Lesson 1, script: Dimensions of life, structure of the plant cell 
V02a_PlantCell2.pdf Lesson 2, script: Organells of the plant cell, mitochondria and chloroplasts 
V03a_Tissues1.pdf Lesson 3, script: Meristems and differentiated tissues like parenchyma and epidermis 
V04a_Tissues2.pdf Lesson 4, script: Anatomy of sclerenchyma tissues and vascular tissues 
V05a_Shoot.pdf Lesson 5, script: Morphology the shoot, primary and secondary growth 
V05a_Wood_3D.jpg 3D structure of wood - build yourself a three-dimensional model 
V06a_Leaf.pdf Lesson 6, script: Morphology and anatomy of the leaf, basic rules for leaf arrangement 
V07a_Root.pdf Lesson 7, script: Morphology and anatomy of the root 
V08a_Nutrient.pdf Lesson 8, script: Nutrient uptake in plants 
V09a_Water.pdf Lesson 9, script: Water cycle and transpiration 
V10a_Repro.pdf Lesson 10, script: Life cycles, sexual and asexual reproduction 
V11a_Flower.pdf Lesson 11, script: Morphology and development of the flower 
V12a_Cycle.pdf Lesson 12, script: Male and female gametophytes in plants, pollination and fertilisation 
V13a_Seminar.pdf Preparation for written test 
V14a_Seed.pdf Lesson 14, script: Seeds, fruits, and germination 
Plant Anatomical Exercises Pflanzenbestimmungsübungen: requirements for the course (in German) 
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General Botany II (Allgemeine Botanik II)

Next: Fall 2014  
_contents_VABotII.pdf Contents of the lecture 
V01b_PlantCell1.pdf Lesson 1, script: Evolution of multicellular life, some aspects of plant genetics and breeding 
V02b_PlantCell2.pdf Lesson 2, script: The endosymbiosis tehory for mitochondria and chloroplasts 
V03b_Tissues1.pdf Lesson 3, script: Overview about the main groups of plants, evolution of tissues 
V04b_Tissues2.pdf Lesson 4, script: Fibres, vessels and mechanisms of phloem and xylem transportation 
V05b_Shoot.pdf Lesson 5, script: Morphology of vascular bundles and the shoot 
V06b_Leaf.pdf Lesson 6, script: Development and metamorphoses of leaves, leaf arrangement 
V07b_Root.pdf Lesson 7, script: Development and branching of roots, root metamorphoses, roots and rhizomes 
V08b_Growth.pdf Lesson 8, script: Growth and movements in plants 
V09b_Water.pdf Lesson 9, script: Water stress and photosynthetic adaptations, C3, C4 and CAM plants 
V10b_Repro.pdf Lesson 10, script: Evolution of life cycles in different groups of plants, meiosis as the basis of sexual reproduction 
V11b_Flower.pdf Lesson 11, script: Evolution of the flower, inflorescences 
V12b_Cycle.pdf Lesson 12, script: Life cycles in different plant groups, reproductive systems in vascular plants 
V13b_ReproStrat.pdf Lesson 13, script: Reproductive strategies in vascular plants 
V14b_Seed.pdf Lesson 14, script: Comparison of spores and seeds, dispersal types and adaptations 
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