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Systematic Botany I and IISystematic Botany I and II

Systematic Botany 1 (Systematische Botanik 1)

Every spring semester, scripts and handouts: Dr. P. König

Systematic Botany 2 (Systematische Botanik 2)

File Description 
Lecture 2017 (M. Schnittler) 
00_Introduction Script of the Lecture (pdf) 
01_Cyanobacteria (Bluegreen algae) Script of the Lecture: Photosynthetic prokaryotes with Cyanobacteria... (pdf) 
01_SelfStudy.pdf Questions for self-study, lecture 1 (pdf) 
02_Myxomycetes (Slime molds and similar organisms...) Script of the Lecture: Amoebozoa with protosteliid amoebae, Dictyostelida, Myxogastria... (pdf) 
02_SelfStudy.pdf Questions for self-study, lecture 2 (pdf) 
03_Lower Fungi (Molds) Script of the Lecture: Ooomycetes, Zygomycetes... (pdf) 
03_SelfStudy.pdf Questions for self-study, lecture 3 (pdf) 
04_Ascomycetes (Sac fungi) Script of the Lecture: Ascomycetes (pdf) 
04_SelfStudy.pdf Questions for self-study, lecture 4 (pdf) 
05_Basidiomycotes I (Rust and smut fungi...) Script of the Lecture: Basidiomycetes with Uredinales, Ustilaginales... (pdf) 
05_SelfStudy.pdf Questions for self-study, lecture 5 (pdf) 
06 Basidiomycetes II (Polypores, mushrooms...) Script of the Lecture: Basidiomycetes with Polyporales s.l., Agaricales, Russulales, Boletales... (pdf) 
06_SelfStudy.pdf Questions for self-study, lecture 6 (pdf) 
07 Fungi imperfecti Script of the Lecture: Life style, reproductive system and ecological niches of fungi (pdf) 
07_SelfStudy.pdf Questions for self-study, lecture 7 (pdf) 
08 Lichens Script of the Lecture: Lichenized fungi (pdf) 
08_SelfStudy.pdf Questions for self-study, lecture 8 (pdf) 
09 Lower Algae I (Euglenoids, coral reef algae...) Script of the Lecture: Euglenophyta, Dinophyta, Haptophyta ... (pdf) 
09_SelfStudy.pdf Questions for self-study, lecture 9 (pdf) 
10 Lower Algae II (Diatoms, brown algae...) Script of the Lecture: Heterokontophyta with Xanthophyceae, Bacillariophyceae, Phyaeophyceae ... (pdf) 
10_SelfStudy.pdf Questions for self-study, lecture 10 (pdf) 
11 Red Algae Script of the Lecture: Rhodophyta (pdf) 
11_SelfStudy.pdf Questions for self-study, lecture 11 (pdf) 
12 Green Algae Script of the Lecture: Chlorophyta with Ulvophyceae, Dasycladophyceae, Chlorophyceae ... (pdf) 
12_SelfStudy.pdf Questions for self-study, lecture 12 (pdf) 
13 Stonewort Algae Script of the Lecture: Streptophyta with Zygnematophyceae, Charophyceae (pdf) 
13_SelfStudy.pdf Questions for self-study, lecture 13 (pdf) 
14 Mosses Script of the Lecture: Bryophytina with Marchantiopsida, Jungermanniopsida, Bryopsida, Anthoceropsida (pdf) 
14_SelfStudy.pdf Questions for self-study, lecture 14 (pdf) 
15 Ferns Script of the Lecture: Lycophyta, Pteridophyta, Equisetophyta (pdf) 
15_SelfStudy.pdf Questions for self-study, lecture 15 (pdf)