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Biodiversity - Measure, Map and EstimateBiodiversity - Measure, Map and Estimate
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V_BioDiv_Schedule.xls  Schedule of the lecture for fall 2016 
--- Here will be the results of the test (Feb. 2017) 
literature_V_BioDiv.pdf Recommended literature 
V01_Contents.pdf Lesson 1, script: Overview about the lecture 
V01_IntroBioDiv_20121018.pdf Lesson 1, script: Introduction, what is biodiversity? 
V02_Indices.pdf Lesson 2, script: Species richness, evenness and diversity indices 
V02_IndicesA.xls Lesson 2, worksheet: Calculating the tests described in the paper of Smith & Wilson 
V02_IndicesB.xls Lesson 2, worksheet: More indices: Calculation of various eveness and heterogenity indices 
V02_IndicesA_Similarity.xls Lesson 2, worksheet: Calculatingof various similarity indices (between two samples) 
V02_IndicesB_Similarity_ColeIndexAss.xls Lesson2, worksheet: Species association index (Cole 1949, corrected after Ratliff 1982) 
V02_LAM_example.xls Lesson2, worksheet: Example for an input file for the freeware program eveness.exe 
V02_Smith&Wilson_ConsumersGuide_Oikos.pdf Lesson 2, paper: Smith & Wilsons guide to eveness indices 
V03_Sampling.pdf Lesson 3, script: Sampling diversity, methods and strategies 
V03_POPeup_Grid_Sampling2.xls Lesson 3, worksheet: Implementation of a grid-based sampling designs to sample genetic diverity in clonal plants 
V03b_Locality Recording.pdf Lesson 3b, script: Turn your smartphone into a GPS-device: record coordinates in the field 
V03b_GPSdata_template.xls Lesson 3b, worksheet: Example for recording localities and ecological data with the GPS 
V04_SAC.pdf Lesson 4: Species accumulation curves, statistical smoothing, rarefaction 
V04_MonteCarlo-xls Lesson 4: An excel sheet demonstrating the permutation of sample sequence to construct SAC's, and use of the Hulbert formula 
V05_Estimation.pdf Lesson 5: Extrapolating SAC's, species richness estimators 
V05_estimateS_prep.xls Lesson 5: estimateS: preparing input / showing output 
V05_estimateS_input.txt Lesson 5: estimateS: example input file 
V05_estimateS_output.txt Lesson 5: estimateS: example output file 
V04/5_literature_and_examples.zip  Lesson's 4 and 5, further working examples, literature, especially for R 
V06_Species_short.pdf Lesson 6, script: Number of species on earth 
V07_HotSpot_short.pdf Lesson 7, script: Distribution of biodiversity on earth, general rules 
V08_Map_short.pdf Lesson 8, script: Mapping diversity, methods and pitfalls 
V08_mapping.xls Lesson 8, script: Simulation of observed species numbers for mapping units of different size 
V09_History_short.pdf Lesson 09, script: Biodiversity through time, natural and anthropogenic species extinction 
V09_Calculation_ExtinctionRates.xls Lesson 09, worksheet: Simple "over the thumb" estimations for extinction rates 
V10_Rarity_KFischer_short.pdf Lesson 10, script: Patterns and causes of rarity 
V11_FunctDiv_MManthey.pdf Lesson 11, script: Functional diversity 
V12_barcoding_2017.pdf Lesson 12, script: Barcoding as a new tool in taxonomy and biodiversity research, all taxa biodiversity inventories and accelerated biodiversity assessment 
v13_ePCR_2016.pdf Lesson 13-15, script: Revealing hidden diversity by molecular methods: environmental PCR 
V14_NGS_Methods  Next generation sequencing, short overview, Illumina sequencing, summary of molecular biodiversity research.