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Plant Population BiologyPlant Population Biology
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_V_PopBio_Schedule.xls Here will be the schedule of the lecture for spring 2017 
_contents_V_PopBio.pdf Overview and contents of the lecture 
_literature_V_PopBio.pdf Recommended literature 
V01_LifeForms.pdf Lesson 1, script: Introduction, life forms and strategy types in plants 
V01_LifeForms_SelfStudy.pdf Lesson 1, self study script: Raunkiaer life forms 
V02_LifeStrategies_2010.pdf Lesson 2, script: Life strategies in plants 
V02_LifeStrategies.xls Lesson 2, worksheet: Life history traits Phlox drummondii and calculation for different scenarios 
V03_SeedBank_2010.pdf Lesson 3, script: Seed banks and its role in population dynamics 
V03_SeedBank.xls Lesson 4, worksheet: Population dynamics of a weedy plant with seed bank 
V04_Dispersal_2010.pdf Lesson 4, script: Dispersal strategies and models for plant diaspores 
V05_SelfThinning_short.pdf Lesson 5, script: Self thinning in plant populations 
V05_SelfThinning.xls Lesson 5, worksheet: a simple yield model for a self-thinning plant population 
V05_examplePOPeup.xls Lesson 5, worksheet: Example for a self-thinning curve constructed from stand mapping data for Populus euphratica 
V06_ExpPopDynamics_short.pdf Lesson 6, script: Exponential growth in populations 
V06_ExpPopDynamics.xls Lesson 6, worksheet: model for exponential population growth 
V07_LogPopDynamics.pdf Lesson 7, script: Logistic growth in populations, carrying capacity 
V07_LogPopDynamics.xls Lesson 7, worksheet: model for logisticpopulation growth 
V08_Demography1.pdf Lesson 8, script: Demography of plant populations, introduction into matrix models 
V09_Demography2.pdf Lesson 9, script: Demography of plant populations, features and worked example for matrix models 
V09_Matrix_PHLdru.xls Lesson 9, worksheet: a matrix model for Phlox drummondii (annual plant) 
V09_Matrix_PRIfar3.xls Lesson 9, worksheet: a matrix model for Primula farinosa (pernnial plant) 
V10_Competition_short.pdf Lesson 10, script: Mechanisms of interspecific competition in plants 
V10_Competition.xls Lesson 10, worksheet: a simple two-species competition model 
C10_copyElbe2009_VA8_2010.xls Lesson10, worksheet: worked example to calculate Coles index of species association 
V11_Predation.pdf Lesson 11, script: Stategy types in plant competition, predation and herbivory 
V11_CompCol_CellAuto_G10.xls Lesson 11, worksheet: a cellular automaton model for the competition of two plant strategy types, a competitor and a colonizer 
V11_LodkaVolterra.xls Lesson 11, worksheet: an iterative model for the Lodka-Volterra dynamics of two competing species 
V12_SpatialPatterns_short.pdf Lesson 12, script: Spatial patterns in plant populations 
V12_DispersionIndex.xls Lesson 12, worksheet: calculation of a dispersion index to check reularity of spatial patterns 
V12_RootComp_CellAuto.xls Lesson 12, worksheet: a cellular automaton model for a perennial species with root competition 
V13_MetaPop_2010.pdf Lesson 13, script: Metapopulation dynamics in plant populations, incidence models 
V13_MetaPop2_2010.xls Lesson 13, worksheet: a simple model for colonisation and extinction in a fragmented landscape 
V14_Methods_2010.pdf Lesson 14, script: Methods to study plant population dynamics, how to plan a study 
V14_POPeup_Grid_Sampling2.xls Lesson 14, worksheet: worked example for adjustable grid sampling, genotyping stands of Populus euphratica 
V14_Gagea_Basel+Nijmegen.pdf Lesson 14, additional script: Example of two Gagea species with contrasting reproductive systems