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Plant Breeding SystemsPlant Breeding Systems
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_schedule_RepSys2016.pdf Schedule for lecture; spring semester 2016 
_contents_V_RepSys5.pdf Overview and contents of the lecture 
_literature_V_RepSys.pdf Recommended literature 
_glossary_V_RepSys.pdf A glossary for special terms used in the lecture 
_questions_V_RepSys.pdf Questions to the lessons - control yourself! 
V01_Sex.pdf Lesson 1, script: Introduction and the basics of sex (in plants!) 
V01_MatingSystemSimulation_2.xls Worksheet, explaining the simulation model for spore dispersed organisms with a mating systems colonizing new habitats 
V02_ClonalGrowth.pdf Lesson 2, script: Clonal Growth in vascular plants 
V02_ClonalGrowth_galery.exe Image galery with examples for clonal growth in plants 
V03_VegRepro.pdf Lesson 3, script: Vegetative growth and vegetative reproduction 
V04_SexTheory.pdf Lesson 4, script: Theory of sexual reproduction in flowering plants. 
V04_genetic_variation.xls Worksheet: How much genetic variation is produced in dependence from ploidy level? 
V04_POPeup_resources.xls Worksheet: Example for analysis of resource allocation in a dioecious plant 
V05a_SexRepro.pdf Lesson 5, script: Evolution of sexual reproduction in land plants: a closer look 
V05b_SexRepro_Gymnosperms.pdf Lesson 5, additional script: Sexual reproduction in gymnosperms 
V06_AlloAuto.pdf Lesson 6, script: Selfing and outcrossing (Allogamy and autogamy) 
V06_Selfing.xls Worksheet: a single locus model explaining the genetic consequences of selfing 
V06_heterodichogamy.xls Worksheet: A model for a heterodichogamous pollination system in walnut (Juglans regia) 
V07_Gender.pdf Lesson 7, script: Dicliny: Genders in flowering plants 
V07_Gender_Galery.exe Image galery with examples for sexes in plants 
V07_Petasites_paradoxa.pdf Image galery demonstrating a reproductive system in an alpine Asteraceae 
V08_Gynodioecy.pdf Lesson 8, script: The way to separate genders:Gynodioecy and dioecy 
V08_Gynodioecy.xls Worksheet: A simple model for CMS-mediated gynodioecy 
V08_GenderResources.xls Worksheet: Demonstrating the theoretical gain curves for sexes in dioecious plants 
V09_SexExpression.pdf Lesson 9, script: Sex expression in angiosperms 
V09_Ne_dioecious_plants.xls Worksheet: Calculating effective population size in dioecious plants 
V10_SI.pdf Lesson 10, script: Evolution and molecular mechansims of SI systems 
V10_SI_systems.xls Worksheet: Calculations for per cent compatible pairings in several SI systems 
V11_Pollination.pdf Lesson 11, script: Pollination ecology 
V11_Pollination_galery.exe Image galery, showing examples for pollination syndroms in different plant species 
V12_GeneFlow.pdf Lesson 12, script: Pollination distances and gene flow 
V12_ReproModel_POPeup_5.xlsx Worksheet: A spacially explicit pollination model for Populus euphratica. (Attention: this is a large model which only works effectively in Excel 2010) 
V13_Apomixis.pdf Lesson 13, script: Agamospermy and subsexzúal breeding systems in angiosperms 
V14_BreedingSystems.pdf Lesson 14, script: Outlook and summary about the evolution of reproductive systems in angiosperms 
V14_Gagea_example.pdf Lesson 14, additional script: Contrasting reproductive stragy of two species of Gagea