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Prof. Jürgen KreylingProf. Jürgen Kreyling

Prof. Jürgen Kreyling

Full Professor


phone: +49 03834 - 864131

fax:+49 03834 - 864096

Soldmannstraße 15

room: 1.28

e-Mail: juergen.kreyling(at)uni-greifswald.de


Research Interests

Research on the response of ecosystems to Global Change by experimental biogeography, field observations and statistical modelling, mainly in three interrelated fields:

  • Winter ecology (and climatic change in winter).
  • The importance of extreme weather events and interacting climate drivers for temperate vegetation.
  • The role of plant diversity for ecosystem functioning, with diversity acting at different levels, ranging from genetic diversity to species- and functional diversity and spatial diversity on the landscape level.


Curriculum Vitae