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Martin UnterseherMartin Unterseher

DFG – Project "Patterns and processes in endophyte ecology"

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facts and news about mycological research at the working group of Prof. Dr. Martin Schnittler. This website is maintained by myself, Martin Unterseher, and a large part of it is dedicated to own scientific and teaching activities.

Fungi are amongst the most important and diverse organisms in the world, not only because of their vital roles in ecosystem functions but also because of their influence on humans and human-related activities. Moulds cause heavy damage to crop plants, secondary fungal metabolites, the mycotoxins, impose severe health problems for humans and animals. On the other hand, fungi are important sources for synthetic vitamins, colours, flavours, enzymes, and antibiotics. Both mycorrhizal and wood decaying fungi are key players in nutrient cycling and carbon sequestration of forests. In the course of wood decomposition, saprobic fungi create fluctuating habitats which are essential for diverse groups of microorganisms, protists, other fungi, and animals, especially insects. A high biodiversity of fungi is supposed to affect the ecosystem in which they live in a beneficial way (Mueller, Foster & Bills 2004).